Last night I experienced yet another first in my life.  I attended my first #momondaysLondon event at the Western Fair Carousel Room.  I had no idea what to expect and went in with an open mind.  A friend of mine had posted on Facebook last month that she had a fantastic time at the February Event. By chance another friend had also mentioned a similar event in a different city. We chatted about it and decided to give the London event a whirl.

The doors opened at 5 and by 615 the room was beginning to fill.  It is best to buy tickets ahead of time and even better-buy a table of 8 so that you can all sit together.  Seating is assigned ahead of time–yet another reason to buy a table. There were refreshments and snacks for purchase during the entire evening as well. Each attendee received this programme that outlined each of the 6 speakers, the charity of the night and a warm welcome from Paula Morand, Emcee and Victoria Craig, Producer.

Copy of File_009

This month’s programme.

To say the energy in the room was electric would be an understatement. There was an eclectic mix of people with a variety of backgrounds.  The momondays webpage states that you meet the nicest people and I would have to agree.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking with those around me and everyone was happy to share their reasons for attending and what they do.  The networking potential was incredible.

Copy of File_007

Victoria and I getting ready for the show.

Copy of File_006

The speakers took to the stage before the show started for a photo op.

Each speaker was allotted a specific amount of time to share their story.  This is part of what made the night so powerful.  Everyone has a story to tell and these 6 brave speakers made a committment to share theirs.  If you would like to speak at a local momondays event you can find more information HERE. Paula Morand was the wonderful emcee of the evening and kept things rolling.  The evening always follows a similar itinerary. Half of the speakers share their story, an intermission (including a fun game for prizes) and the remaining speakers have their time to share their story.

Last night each story was unique. Each speaker had a slightly different style and message to deliver.  Some made us laugh, some made us gasp and some made us think. A wonderful mix of life stories that included some sort of takeaway message. I can’t wait to attend another #momondaysLondon!

For more information about #momondays you can visit their webpage at






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