Thanks to @ChickAdvisor and @CND_Canada I was given the opportunity to review the new CND Vinyl Weekly Polish. I was given the products at no cost in exchange for a review. I was over the moon excited to try out this polish as I had never even heard of this brand before. I have been comfortable using my usual name brand polish and have not strayed. When I was telling friends about this product -new to me- that I was about to test, there were oohs and ahh and ‘I LOVE that brand’. This started my testing out on a very positive note. I was looking forward to trying the polish.

I love the look of painted toe nails and mine are coloured almost around the calendar. I was sent a bottle of polish and the top coat. At first glance I wondered about the colour. The top coat comes in a dark bottle which threw me off for a minute and the polish was #161 Burnt Romance. Darker than I normally use at this time of the year, but I was happy to try a new colour.

After prepping my nails, I applied the polish. The instructions said to use 2 thin coats but I found that I needed to use 3 thin coats to have the coverage I desired. The polish went on easily without blobbing or running. The top coat was equally as easy to apply and I love the shiny polished look that resulted.

I would happily recommend this polish system to others. My colour is ‘tough as nails’ and lasting a long time. This is important as I don’t have time to keep changing colours due to chipping or colour fading.


About Horseshoes

I am a mother, wife, educator, new blogger and social media junkie. Most who know me say I have a horseshoe placed strategically as I seem to win lots of things. This blog is to document my journey.
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