Oh boy was this a fun one!

It is a rite of passage that nary a woman is unscathed from.  Although the time of onset is varied, the outcome is the same.  Women of the world can either jump in jubilant joy or they can commiserate together all united in the same experience.


Yes, that is right.  Her period.

Companies spend large amounts of money developing and marketing the next best thing for women.  Wings this, abosorbant that, thick or thin, discreet or bulky–all in efforts to attract and retain women shoppers.

I was recently a lucky #StayfreeChallengeContest kit winner and was provided with an entire kit to essentially create my own commercial demonstrating how well the Stayfree product works.  Thank you to Stephanie Holland, Beauty Writer at www.beautyinfinitum.com  for this opportunity.

The kit came recently in the mail and thank goodness that all pieces were wrapped in plastic envelopes as the blue liquid had leaked into the sealed package.  I wonder what Canada Post would have thought if it had leaked through? #womenproblems


My daughter is 13 years old and she jumped at the chance to help me out for this challenge.  She was very into it and even commented about what a great idea it is to send out these kits to really try the products out and compare them.  I was the photographer while she conducted the experiment.  She read each instruction carefully and made sure that we followed the rules explicitly as written.  Below are our results for both Stayfree and a competitor’s brand of maxipad.


We tested the Stayfree pad first and had no moisture on the blotting paper.


We conducted the exact same experiment with a competitor’s brand of pad and had different results. Moisture appeared right away on the blotting paper.

In the end we found that the Stayfree brand was far more absorbant than the competition’s brand of pad.  The Stayfree pad stayed fairly thin while the other pad became puffy and bulky.  I have never used Stayfree as my preferred brand before, but after this challenge I am ready to go and try their products out!


Here is our final picture. The true irony of the heavy book my daughter chose to use in this challenge did not hit us until I took this last picture.

I was provided this #StayfreeChallengeContest kit free of charge and the opinions expressed and pictures taken are all my own.


About Horseshoes

I am a mother, wife, educator, new blogger and social media junkie. Most who know me say I have a horseshoe placed strategically as I seem to win lots of things. This blog is to document my journey.
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