Bucket list item: attend a Toronto Maple Leaf game. I had never been to a Leaf game ever in my life and happened across the @theFordFANatic on Twitter. She offers up challenges on Twitter in exchange for a chance to win a pair of home game Leaf tickets in the Ford Fan Deck.  I had tried to win a couple of weeks ago with no luck.  This week the Saturday night game was vs the Habs and the challenge was to convert a Habs fan to be a leaf fan. I had posted this meme on Twitter using the hashtag #fansgofurther and low and behold –I had won a pair of tickets!!


It was a great game to watch and I had the opportunity to meet a childhood idol in the will call line. #11, Gary Leeman.


Thanks again for a great night at the Air Canada Center!

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I win stuff.

It’s true. I win things often.  I almost hate to say anything to those around me anymore as this is what I encounter…

eye rolling

Cue the eye-rolling and the ‘of course you did’.  I don’t think anyone is surprised anymore when they find out I have won something else yet again.

I love to enter contests and have no problem liking, sharing or re-tweeting something.  I certainly don’t spend much time entering the contests, but seem to have lots of luck when I do.

This blog is meant to be a way for me to document my winnings no matter how big or small. I just hope that I can remember all of the stuff that I have been fortunate to win.  Someone once asked me how much I have won over the years. I have never really attempted to put a number on it, but certainly it would top thousands and thousands of goods, services and events.

This blog is also a place for me to share my musings about this that and everything else.  Happy reading.

Thank you for sharing in my lucky ways–may you also be fortunate enough to experience luck too.



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